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Characteristics and advantages of Vertical planetary mixer

Characteristics and advantages of Vertical planetary mixer

1. The planetary blades rotate and revolute simultaneously,and the mixing speed is faster than ordinary vertical planetary mixer,so its productivity efficiency is high.



2. Can choose mixer with multi-motor,extend the service life of the motor.

3. The dischanrging door adopts special sealing device with good sealing effect.protect it from the leakage of oil effectively; can choose multi-discharging door,increase th discharging speed.

4. The mixing blades adopt super high chromium-resistant alloy cast iron,and the liners adopt high chromium-resistant alloy cast iron, with high wear resistance and long service life.

5. The mixing tank adopts fission structure,reducing the transporation dimension.Any model can load in standard container,so convenient to transport.

6. On the top of mixing tank and inspection door,fixed polyethylene liner,prevent the mortar adhere to it and makes it easier to clean;The mixing arms are with rubber sheath,extend its service life effectively.

7. Can choose concrete humidity detection sensor and instrument,so it is convenient to check the water content of concrete.

8. Can choose rotating high pressure nozzle with self protection system and automatic opening function.No washing dead angle,making the tank cleaned completely.


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