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Improving the management quality of the head of a mixing plant is a shortcut to improve th

The concrete mixing plant is an enterprise with strong mobility, high technical level and many mechanical equipments. The operation of the mixing plant not only affects the quality, schedule, and normal operation of other processes, but also affects the company's profitability and reputation. As the manager of the mixing station, the head of the mixing station must have good psychological qualities, a high sense of responsibility, excellent management level, rich work experience and good coordination skills. While maintaining the quality and quantity to complete the project tasks, in order to achieve higher company benefits. Come and understand the following items with the editor, to be a high-quality webmaster, to create higher benefits for the mixing plant, and to achieve higher value.
Concrete mixing station
1. The station master is the first person in charge of the mixing station and the representative of the company's image. Excellent work style, rigorous and pragmatic working attitude, and a high sense of responsibility are the soul of a team. He plays a leading role in his own team and is able to win victory in various construction tasks.
2. As a webmaster, you must scientifically design the administrative organization structure of the station, set posts and appoint personnel, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, give full play to the talents of employees, tap the potential of employees, use them reasonably, and exchange positions if necessary. Every employee can become an all-rounder in operation, laying a solid foundation for the benign operation of the station and the company.
3. As a station manager, not only must you know the situation in the station, but also be clear about the conditions at each construction site. The road conditions are good or bad, the distance of the transportation, the construction site, the amount of construction, the concrete label, They must also have a deep understanding of their internal operational processes and the distribution of workers.
4. The station must formulate a complete set of work plan and development direction. The work plan is to avoid mistakes and reduce unnecessary losses. It can't stay on the basis of dealing with problems and then can only be passive. The second is implementation, which should be treated in a strict and meticulous manner, especially in equipment management and maintenance, not only the center of continuous operation of the mixing plant, but also the fundamental of the plant ’s interests. .
5. Before doing anything, put safety first, including personal safety and equipment safety, and standardized management and standardized operations are the foundation of safety, and safety must be instilled in the depths of employees ’minds. Be part of their thinking, and put an end to brutal, irresponsible attitudes.
6. Reducing costs and improving benefits are the goals pursued by each enterprise. The specific implementation is different according to the different mixing stations. From the construction of a station to the production and output of materials, these costs and expenses should have a clear idea and corresponding plans. For uncertain factors, there should be a sense of advancement.
7. The environmental performance of the mixing plant is directly related to the image of the mixing plant. Therefore, it is our common responsibility to avoid running, running, dripping, and leaking as much as possible, and to create a good and healthy living and working environment.
Concrete mixing station
In short, a good webmaster needs constant innovation, continuous exploration, continuous learning and progress. Only in this way can we better serve the company and create higher benefits. Hebei Shuangxing is a professional manufacturer of various types of concrete mixing plant equipment. It has been developing and producing for 24 years. It has rich experience, strict material selection, longer service life than general mixing plants, and good user reputation. Hebei Shuangxing can continue to grow and develop without the support of new and old users. If you have equipment needs, Hebei Shuangxing will be happy to serve you!

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