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When choosing a mixing plant, pay attention to the following points, which is very importa

For the purchase of mixing stations, this is a relatively complicated task, which is not like choosing a dress style that looks good and is comfortable to wear. The mixing plant itself is a large-scale construction machinery equipment composed of various parts, which involves the selection of various components, the selection of equipment, the level of the manufacturing process, and so on. There are too many places that we need to observe. Especially for some novice investors, because they have no previous experience in building a mixing plant, and the manufacturers of concrete mixing machinery on the market are mixed, they don’t know how to choose. When going to the factory for inspection, how to see the quality of the equipment they produce, which has become a topic that many novice buyers are very concerned about. The following is an analysis and summary for everyone as a mixing plant manufacturer For content, pay more attention to the following points when purchasing a mixing plant.
Concrete mixing station
1. Looking at the selection of materials for the mixing plant, pay special attention to the steel, thickness of the steel plate, and the quality of the material. This directly determines whether the concrete mixing station is easily deformed, durable, and affects production.
2. Look at the welding process of the workers of the mixing station manufacturer, and carefully check the welding of the key parts. If the welding is not good, it will not only affect the service life of the mixing station, but it is also very prone to some problems during use. Accidents will cause great losses to users.
3. Look at the selection of the main accessories of the mixing plant equipment. The selection of accessories is also one of the important factors that affect the quality of the mixing plant, such as whether the accessories such as sensors, belts, cylinders, reducers, seals, air compressors, etc. are selected from reliable brands. These small components seem inconspicuous in the mixing station, but they all play a vital role. If their performance is not guaranteed, the performance of the mixing station equipment is even more difficult.
4. See if the structure design of the mixing station is reasonable. This will directly affect the production efficiency and smooth running of the mixing station in the future. Some users think that the mixing station is composed of only a few kinds of equipment, and there is no design at all. In fact, this idea is really wrong. The graphic design is unreasonable, which will cause the production efficiency of the mixing station to decrease, and the energy consumption increase. Affecting the application life of the mixing station, users must pay attention when purchasing equipment to see whether its design is reasonable and safe in order to ensure the efficient production process.
5. See if the control system of the mixing station is easy to use. The control system of the mixing station is the central nerve of the entire mixing station, which is equivalent to the human brain. If there is a problem with the control system of the mixing station, the entire mixing station will be disordered or even stop running. Generally, this kind of highly technical equipment will not be repaired by the customer itself, and the manufacturer needs to send someone. This will affect the user's production process, so it is critical to assemble a good mixing plant control system.
6. Look at the type of mixing station host. Generally speaking, there are many types of mixing host, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. At present, most mixing stations are equipped with circulating forced mixers because of their high mixing efficiency. The quality is good, and the model specifications are complete, which can meet the needs of different users. The small ones are 260-750, the medium ones are 1000-2000, and the large ones are 2000-3000. Forced mixers are also divided into vertical axis planetary mixers and double horizontal axis forced mixers. Users can choose according to their own needs.
Concrete mixing station
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